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A little background...

A little background...

Hello! I’m Kati, and I am very new to the blogging scene. My background is eclectic, but currently I am on a mission to learn and implement sustainable life practices. I have lived in 4 foreign countries and visited 15 others…so far! I am embarking on perhaps the most ambitious and intentional journey of my life thus far. New Zealand, here I come! Click “Read More” to read the overview of the path that led me here.

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Custom Artwork

My fledgeling foray as an entrepreneur began in the realm of footwear. Yes, shoes are indeed a gateway drug. I began with a simple flag design for myself and it has grown from there. I LOVE painting shoes, and it would have never happened without the encouragement from my amazing partner. But thanks to his and others’ support, you can now view the entire collection by clicking the link below to my original Etsy shop. #truecolorsct

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Custom Artwork

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Permaculture? Sustainability? Conservation? Essential Oils? Medicinal herbs? Beekeeping? Traveling? Nail art? Human rights? Languages? Tiny houses? Meditation? Yoga? Dance? Teaching? Natural living? Exercise? Nutrition?
ME TOO!!! Why limit ourselves?

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Photo of the Week

Rainbow Sun Halo – 3/11 10:30am. Rainbow halo around the sun. Double take. Lumsden may be a tiny town with modest history, but it seems true that the craziest things occur in the must unassuming places.

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